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About Patong Tower Vacations

We are a small Danish agency who together with our local collaborator take care of administration and rental of this apartment.

We believe in the importance of having a dialogue with our guests before they make their final reservation. That is why we have chosen not to offer an option where you can do a binding reservation via the website, including paying with credit cards. Instead, the reservation process will be based on e-mail correspondence, because only in this way we can make sure that our guests get an individual treatment and the best service they need.

Or we can recommend that a guest choose another place to stay if we judge that the apartment will not be able to meet the actual need. In situations like that we will often still be able to help as we can refer to another rental agency who has other apartments of different styles and sizes in Patong Tower.

We do everything we can to please our guests and make them feel welcome in the apartment. A personal arrangement of the apartment where every detail has been considered along with a couple of very service-minded representatives contributes to making our intentions achievable. The fact that we have several returning guests is thus a clear indication on this.